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01/24/2012 - Mya Nichole - "Suffer for Me"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 169 Photos - 34 Minutes Video

Bringing Mya back into the fold certainly had it's advantages. One of them being that we were eager to see more and more of her and this time around, it was Damon's turn...As she struggles deprived of sight, one can only imagine what she might mentally envision, and it wasn't long before the fruits of her struggles were born...First, she has her pussy paddled and prodded before Damon teases her clit with the wand. This won't be all pleasure though as Mya comes to learn as the whistling whip finds it's mark on her tender flesh. Then, she's seated and stocked atop a Cumbot as TENS pads tease her torso. While she takes a wicked machine fucking, Damon teases her clit while brandishing the cane and reddening her belly and thighs... ShootID: MYA_012012

Members Comments
29 Oct 2013 clashman wrote: The pussy spanking is awesome! Mya Nichole is hot!

01/17/2012 - Tristyn Kennedy - "High Tension Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 98 Photos - 26 Minutes Video

Tristyn now balances preacriously, one rubber dong in her mouth while another is buried deep in her cunt...Damon hits the switch on the Cumbot and begins caning the daylights out of Tristyn while she deftly bobs her head up and down on the dildo. Everything reaches a breakneck pace and all the while Tristyn greedily swallows the dong. Next, she is bent over as Damon works the pole mounted dildo in her pussy. Electricity and wax soon follow and Tristyn is a wax coated mess as she is pushed to her final, massive orgasm... ShootID: TRI_011112

01/13/2012 - Tristyn Kennedy - "High Tension"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 143 Photos - 26 Minutes Video

In the dark, dank Dungeon, Tristyn is hooded and caged, cloaked in darkness. She nervously comes to attention as she first senses light, then as someone approaches. She's then moved to the floor and a heavy wrapping ensues, followed by a duct taping of her arms and legs. These binds are tight and she struggles mightily in them...She's ripe for picking now and her body is rudely groped...Senses overwhelmed and energy sapped, Tristyn is then strapped and riveted to the wall. Her heavy tits are caned, she screams out only to be blindfolded adding to the tension. The machine between her legs provides some comfort as it slowly churns in and out of her pussy. Caught in limbo as the caning continues she grinds hard and has a massive orgasm... ShootID: TRI_011112

01/03/2012 - Rylie Richman - "Hell Bent Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 112 Photos - 31 Minutes Video

Now Rylie is ankle and wrist stocked as Holly begins to toy with her once again. The TENS pads are affixed for a second time and as Rylie moans and twitches, Holly fills her cunt with the strap-on. We now get a birds eye view as Rylie receives her fucking and has a wand pressed tightly against her clit...Next, she is bound and bent over the horse. Her pussy is lubed and fitted with a pole mounted dong that Holly deftly plunges inside of her with conviction. Rylie's been through the wringer and it's even moreso evident when Holly brandishes the wand once again only for Rylie to beg for orgasmic release. Rylie however must now give something back as her face is buried between her Mistresses legs... ShootID: RYL_122611

Members Comments
22 Jan 2012 provost wrote: Would Holly Wood switch? With reviews mixed on the concept of femdom on this site, it might be fun to let Holly start a session as a dom, then find her own sensitive body on the rack and under examination. Perhaps her domming session is interrupted by Mr. O, who then puts both Holly and her subject to the torture. It can be exciting to see a woman tricked out in boots and leather slowly stripped and thoroughly examined...from sensitive soles all the way up (and Holly appears to enjoy presenting her soles to be tested). An interesting variant on the abs predicament might connect toes to a crotch rope rather than nipple clamps--slower to develop, but vibration in the rope will be felt ... and appreciated.

12/27/2011 - Rylie Richman - "Hell Bent"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 175 Photos - 23 Minutes Video

Spread and restrained, Rylie doesn't have too long to find out what Holly has up her sleeve…First some nipple clamps, freshly fitted to her pouty breasts and then meticulously tied off to her bare toes. Then, Holly brandishes a cane and works it across Rylie's flesh. As her flesh darkens, Rylie does her utmost to keep her shackled legs still, she does a fairly admirable job too..that is until Holly begins to work on her bare soles…The clamps, once removed, provide some sense of relief to Rylie and a pole mounted dong is in order next as Holly pummels her subject's pussy with it. A magic wand pressed upon her clit for the finishing touch and Rylie's screams fill the air…Rylie next finds herself restrained to the cross as Holly takes a crop to her body. The vibrator strapped to her pussy surely must be causing some physical and mental turmoil. As Holly then takes a whip to Rylie, it's evident that she is hell bent on showing her a day that she will soon not forget. She drives the point home when the TENS pads are applied before Rylie is pushed to orgasmic convulsion... ShootID: RYL_122611

Members Comments
02 Jan 2012 Steve wrote: Are we going to move off fem dom shoots shortly Ogre? I realise that a lot of members seem to enjoy them, but we've had 6 in a row. Perhaps we male dom fans could have a couple of shoots in between. Have a great New Year.

29 Dec 2011 knucks1947 wrote: All I can say is ''WOW''!! Three great shoots with Holly as a dom. It doesn't get any better than that. Holly is a natural dom. She is right up there with Lady Soma. I really hope to see more of her work in 2012. Ogre and everyone in DungeonCorp. land have a great New Year !

29 Dec 2011 provost wrote: Tremendous shoot! What a fine gift for the season!! I very much like the idea of women domming on occasion, provided they also continue to take their turns in the sub role. Women have a special gift for identifying and exploiting the sensitivities of other women, so having them dom adds a dimension to the site. Then to see a woman who has dommed--lovely Holly, for example--offer her body as a sub becomes even more intriguing--she gets to know the whip from both ends, so to speak. So let's put Holly's tender soles (and other beautiful parts) to the test in '12. Happy New Year to the DC community!

12/20/2011 - Cherie Deville, Holly Wood - "An Introduction to Pain Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 115 Photos - 26 Minutes Video

Cherie's been run through the wringer by now. Imagine her despair as she is bent and bound, with a rude greeting from Holly's whip. Her only comfort must come from the fact that Holly is surely finished fucking her pussy....Think again...Holly buries it deep and hard before reaching for the violet wand. Shocking indeed, as Cherie soon learns, her screams careening off the Dungeon walls. The magic wand is brandished next and Holly brutally vibes Ms. Deville into multi-orgasmic oblivion...After all this, Holly surely won't be denied. After Cherie is suspended, ankles up from the rafters, Holly unveils her glorious breasts and pussy. As TENS pads pulse against Cherie's flesh, her face is buried in Holly's cunt. One fucking hot finale to say the least... ShootID: CHE_120711

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