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03/06/2012 - Maia Davis - "Power Slave"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 166 Photos - 35 Minutes Video

Maia's predicament begins as she's spread in the chair. Damon wastes absolutely no time as he grabs the wand and presses it into place. And merely minutes into the days events, we witness Maia succumb to an incredible orgasm. It doesn't stop there however, as he continues to tease her overtly sensitive clit to the breaking point. With orgasmic overload freshly on her mind, Maia then finds herself in the foot stocks. With her lovely bare feet exposed, Damon methodically and thoroughly pins them. After yet another brutal orgasm, she has her feet viciously caned in return for the pleasure she has so generously benn given. All in all, a powerful display of sensory overload that's not to be missed... ShootID: MAI_030512

Members Comments
08 Mar 2012 me wrote: loved this.. although you don't have to save all the tickling for the new tickle site.. with her feet bound like that, I would have had at em a little bit along with the caning.

07 Mar 2012 provost wrote: Maia is a lithe, lean, lovely, lively, lascivious lass, and it is a joy to see her on this site! A strong and involving set--she was apparently stretched a bit, and it would be delightful for her to return for a wider spectrum of DC sensations. Damon is an expert in his craft and a delight to watch at work. Thanks to all for this one!

02/28/2012 - Ariel X - "Dance For Me Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 107 Photos - 24 Minutes Video

Ariel's stocked on all fours now. She's greeted once again by the whip as it swirls and lands on her bare ass. Her moans fill the air, but her Master demands more, which she gives with each strike on her flesh. Then the strap makes it's return and the sounds of hot leather against reddened skin fill the air. The intensity ramps up even further when she's tied to the wall taking her licks. She is then led to the bed where her bare feet are bound tightly and high. She squirms uncomfortably to no avail pushed into a rigorous, screaming electrical finale... ShootID: ARI_022112

Members Comments
03 Mar 2012 doublem427 wrote: If Dungeoncorp had a Hall of Fame, Ariel X would be the first model enshrined. Keep going Ariel! Your best is yet to come!!

01 Mar 2012 bodo wrote: Im sorry, Ariel's a super-fox!, and for how experienced she is, this was a pretty boring shoot or at least -- didnt do much for me.

29 Feb 2012 Beau Brummel wrote: Very good, especially the all fours scenario. I always enjoy seeing the firm athletic body of Ariel and her handsome facial features, especially when she is whipped or flogged . I especially liked the fact that there were no fancy dan do-dad attachments or stupid clothes pins to distrack you.

02/23/2012 - Ariel X - "Dance For Me"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 138 Photos - 21 Minutes Video

Ariel admits that she's nervous. She should be. She's blindfolded as she awaits her fortune. Chained to the wall, she's exposed and vulnerable, her Master has free reign to do as he pleases...She's shackled in place, blindfold removed as her clothes are stripped away to expose her chest and torso. The whirling whip lands against her chest and we see that Ariel is a perfect subject. Her moans, as they increase in volume, become increasingly arousing. These moans turn to grunts when she's crotch chained and left standing at attention. Next, strapped and shackled, the tension is increased when a little electrical juice flows through her thighs. The cone buried in her pussy serves as a Catch 22 when she is wickedly strapped into a bizarre dance. Her compliance shall be rewarded however in the form of a blistering rhythmic orgasm... ShootID: ARI_022112

Members Comments
27 Feb 2012 provost wrote: May I double Double's comment? There is no finer wine--such beauty, refined musculature, and willingness to accept any challenge. Thank you, Ariel!

26 Feb 2012 doublem427 wrote: Ariel X is like a fine wine. As time goes by, she just gets better and better.

02/14/2012 - Sophia Jade - "Strictly Sophia Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 116 Photos - 24 Minutes Video

Bane turns to the cane now as Sophia is restrained and stretch from the rafter rack, splayed out before us. The spiked wheel runs across her torso and Sophia's now infamous, ear shattering screams begin to ramp up in volume...Bane then steadies her into place while he works the whip...Again he reaches for the cups once again while Sophia wails as he affixes them to her flesh…A little more electricity is in order now as the TENS pads are applied to Sophia's buttocks. As the juice flows through her body, her discomfort is evident. She squirms tightly in her restraints...to no avail. Her Master's cane is brandished once again, this time with Bane making sure to strike her bare soles. With her suffering comes some pleasure and release…The full brunt of the magic wand is pressed against her clit and Sophia shouts out in an orgasmic finale... ShootID: SOP_020612

Members Comments
20 Feb 2012 provost wrote: I'm surprised that things are so quiet on the SR side of the house. I think of this as DC's top-of-the-line site, the place where the most rigorous experiences take place. I imagine models progress from PS to SSM to SR, where they will find rigid devices in place of forgiving rope. This is also a site for bold experimentation, because the models who reach this site have had some experience. I think it is Pepper Kester's turn to visit for a turn on the rack and taste of the bastinado. Other ideas for models ready to visit or things to do?

17 Feb 2012 Beau Brummel wrote: Fair Video two and accompaning pictuers would have been much better without those stupid suction cups .

02/07/2012 - Sophia Jade - "Strictly Sophia"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 148 Photos - 21 Minutes Video

Sophia's ordeal begins stocked and bent while Bane peruses what is before him. Some suction to her breasts gets her flesh nice and toasty. And then a little caning on her bare backside starts the juices flowing…Sophia's pretty tough, we've had her in our grips before, and she's also very vocal. For this reason Bane has kept her gagged and as he pushes forward, Sophia drools uncontrollably as she is put through her paces…Repositioned, she's now spread wide on the Dungeon floor. Her body is clothes-pinned and Bane begins to coat her torso in wax. Now, despite the gag, Sophia's vocal attribute begin to shine as she whines with each spatter of viscous, molten liquid that touches her flesh. Next comes the drill, which aids in the wax removal. Then Bane does a more thorough clean up with the whip... ShootID: SOP_020612

Members Comments
11 Feb 2012 Thorn wrote: The first scene i thought was ok, the second started off great,a beautiful girl restrained and spread,very hot! but..ended with a disappointment i thought. no vibrator/dildo in the end? nothin? now if that scene had of ended with the invader set up and left to finish her off..

08 Feb 2012 Beau Brummel wrote: Could have been better without those stupid breast tubes and all those clothes pins.

01/31/2012 - Bonnie Rotten - "No Pleasure Without Pain"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 169 Photos - 28 Minutes Video

Bonnie's had some bondage experience, she's dabbled in the past so to speak, and we were happy to have her here at DungeonCorp. She's a modern woman, with lots of ink, a long leggy body and she's always up for an adventure...just the way we like them...We start her off blindfolded and spread in the wooden chair, she has no clue in regards to watch is about to come, and Damon gets right down to business as he clothes-pins her tits, pussy, thighs and feet. Bonnie squirms uncomfortably and Damon smashes the wand up against her clit, caught in a struggle of pleasure and pain...Next, she's collared to the poles as Damon takes the whip to her bare torso. Sadistically, he works her over with the canes while he brings her off to massive orgasm before leaving her spent in the Dungeon... ShootID: BON_012512

Members Comments
04 Feb 2012 Sardu wrote: You can have a lot of fun with this little one :)

01 Feb 2012 Tyler wrote: Damn shes Hot! Where do you guys keep getting all these awesome girls ?? Keep em coming !

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