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04/17/2012 - Joslyn James - "Day of Infamy II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 87 Photos - 15 Minutes Video

...Raw from earlier activities, Joslyn is rigged to the bars, she whimpers at the thought of what is to come...Holly lubes her asshole. She gets it nice and wet before inserting the electrical plug. And then she cranks up the power. At first Joslyn may think that she's just got a free pass this round, she can't feel a thing. But, she's soon to catch that jolt as Holly turns the knob even higher. As she squeals, the electrical current running through her tight anus, Holly is quick to go for the vibe and Joslyn is subjected to yet another tumultuous vibe session at the hands of her Mistress... which lends itself to a good whipping. First some pleasure then some pain however, as the she then finds herself spread on the Dungeon floor on the receiving end of a nasty foot caning. Holly then turns her attentions back to Joslyn's pussy as she hammers a dildo into it viciously. One more wicked orgasm is on tap as Joslyn hangs on tight. Her eyes roll, her toes curl and then just as suddenly, she is left on her own... ShootID: JOS_041012

Members Comments
22 Apr 2012 fokusnik wrote: A nice update, it's always nice to see some anal...and in this position, the tattoos aren't so visible, which is good, IMHO. The boy-ish haircut doesn't do much for me, but, again, that's just me. Still, a good update, and I really love seeing Holly as a domme.

18 Apr 2012 Intruder wrote: More Joslyn PLEASE sirs!

04/13/2012 - Joslyn James - "Day of Infamy"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 159 Photos - 26 Minutes Video

Friday the 13th...a day of infamy. What better way to celebrate than with Joslyn James? She herself no stranger to certain infamy so to speak...With her mouth taped, she's greeted by Holly who goes straight for her pussy before releasing those massive tits from their confinements. This Joslyn...she's one fine specimen...Once Holly has her collared, she plays with those massive orbs a bit more before brandishing the whip and utilizing the leather to it's fullest across Joslyn's ripe backside. Chained to the pole however, Joslyn's not going anywhere, try as she might. And then, Joslyn moans as Holly presses the wand against her clit, she grinds down, her belly tenses, and she rattles off a memorable orgasm...Now, face down on the floor, Joslyn endures as Holly clothes-pins her pussy. Next, a plug in her tight ass and Holly crops her thoroughly. She grabs hard on her ties when Holly fingers her cunt...A little more ass play, and Joslyn takes the plug nice and deep as the wand is pressed on her clit once more giving us another orgasm that will go down in history... ShootID: JOS_041012

Members Comments
17 Apr 2012 Intruder wrote: WHat???! This woman is too much beautiful! I want to see her on fuck dungeon soon! Better her and Holly in 3-sum!

04/03/2012 - Sophia Bella - "Short Title"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 80 Photos - 26 Minutes Video

Sophia's already been through quite a bit in her debut, and in reality, she's only just begun. She puts up an admirable struggle on the bars, although to no avail. And just when she's convinced herself that she's going nowhere, Holly returns to reaffirm this and clamps her nipples tightly. Sophia's eyes show fear when she spots the cane, and Holly pays some attention to her soles, snapping rubber bands tightly on them before hammering on them with the stick. Despite it all, Sophia wants to cum...again...and this time the G5 is employed as Holly buries it against her clit. We get a close up view as it vibrates the daylights out of her pussy, and Sophia begs to be released from it's grip...Sophia proves yet again, that even after all of this, she's got a little spunk left. So Holly pins her tits and paddles her ass before straddling her from behind and burying the strap-on in her cunt... ShootID: SOP_032712

Members Comments
10 Apr 2012 carwashman wrote: more girl / girl stuff....2 FEMALE doms yes!!!.....what about an entire site for girl / girl dom stuff???

05 Apr 2012 big wrote: Sophia is too much for 1 dominatrix, she needs 2!!!

03/27/2012 - Sophia Bella - "La Bella"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 117 Photos - 20 Minutes Video

Sophia's an olive skinned beauty, ripe for the picking and Holly's the harvester. We watch as Sophia frantically struggles...open...exposed...Her panties are pulled away and Holly toys with her clit, yanking her panties up into her pussy while Sophia slowly comes to the realization that release today shall come in a different form than she may have foreseen...A riding crop next strikes her flesh as Holly covers her body with slaps, the pain is mounting now and just as suddenly, Sophia transforms into a gyrating orgasm machine as the wand coaxes her into one of the most intense orgasm sequences seen to date...When she's spread on the floor, suction is applied to her pussy and she yelps as Holly cranks up the force. Coupled with open handed slaps to her inner thighs, Sophia's transformation shifts once again as she is rendered helpless. This case of two extremes carries on when Holly buries a dildo in her pussy and applies the vibe again, causing Sophia's pussy to quiver and her toes to curl in an orgasmic tirade... ShootID: SOP_032712

Members Comments
05 Apr 2012 big wrote: She's got a good girl on girl vibe happening

03/20/2012 - Cassandra Nix - "For Cassandra's Pleasure Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 123 Photos - 30 Minutes Video

Cassandra's primed now as she is rigorously bound by the rigger. And Sybil takes full advantage of her subject's position as she exposes her to the mean side of her cane. First, she caresses the flesh before a strike and Cassandra moans and yelps. Breast clamps are attached next and Cassandra will do anything to have them removed. Something that Sybil will surely not forget and something that only the crack of the whip can serve as a harsh and brutal reminder...War-torn and dazed, Cassandra then stands at attention, a gas mask snugly fitted on her head as Sybil binds her waist. More whipping ensues as Sybil shows she can deftly work the leather and just as deftly can she also work the vibe as Cassandra is pushed to a final orgasm. Her true reward and pleasure comes however, when she is strung from the wooden beam and left dangling... ShootID: CAS_031312

Members Comments
19 Apr 2012 provost wrote: The way she is led in and prepared for the first punishment is so exciting: she's almost eager to get into it!!

03/14/2012 - Cassandra Nix - "For Cassandra's Pleasure"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 132 Photos - 23 Minutes Video

Ass up and struggling, Cassandra's in it for the long haul. Upon sexy Sybil's entrance, she's greeted with gentle strokes which quickly turn to vicious lashings across her backside. It's apparent that Cassandra is digging the whipping she's taking and Sybil turns it up a notch. She switches off to some bare handed, ass slapping action followed by some foot play, which leaves Ms. Nix drooling uncontrollably on the Dungeon floor. Any pleasure that Cassandra shall receive today will definitely be earned. And as she's tightly bound to the saw-horse, she's run through her paces. First, clamps to the pussy, then a crude gag taped rudely in place. A harsh caning follows, and then Cassandra's reward is apparent. Sybil brandishes the wand and mashes it into position as Cassandra grinds hard seeking pleasure... ShootID: CAS_031312

Members Comments
10 Apr 2012 carwashman wrote: love Sybil as a dom,...MORE,.....what about an entire girl / girl dom site?

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