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07/03/2012 - Crystal Frost - "Short Title"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 174 Photos - 24 Minutes Video

By now, Crystal's a bit raw as she finds herself strapped and spread, her cuffed ankles assuring that she will stay put for Holly. Things grow dark when she's blindfolded and Holly passes the wand across her flesh. Without the aid of sight, the whirring of the electrical device adds to Crystal's tension. After a caning and flogging, Crystal is inverted atop the bars. Gagged tightly to squelch her bellowing, her nipples are clamped before Holly determines that it's time for Ms. Frost to cum again. Burying the vibe between Crystal's legs, Holly brings her slave to a final quivering orgasm... ShootID: CRY_062512

Members Comments
05 Jul 2012 knucks1947 wrote: Another great shoot! I really look forward to updates involving Holly as a Dom. It makes for a pleasant change of pace.

06/26/2012 - Crystal Frost - "Coerced Submission"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 173 Photos - 21 Minutes Video

Crystal's time with Holly is destined to be an intense one. Restrained to the bars on her knees, she can only watch and wonder about what is to to come. Her wait is short lived, although probably an eternity in her nervous mind. Holly gets down to it by clamping Crystal's nipples and setting about her body with the leather strap. Pain then greets pleasure when she smashes the wand on her cunt. Crystal has a hard time holding her orgasm in check and Holly plays it to the fullest. The more Ms. Frost begs, the more Holly derives her own pleasure, and she only grants release when the time is ripe...Lest we forget that Holly is a magnificent beauty, and watching her body and beautiful tits sway as she crops Crystal's feet is an added bonus. After she literally crops and slaps her subject to a beet red, Holly lubes up Crystal's pussy and drives a dong deep. At the mercy of her Mistresses whims, Crystal who is now shackled ass up can only submit... ShootID: CRY_062112

Members Comments
29 Jun 2012 provost wrote: Well, perhaps Holly does have certain deficiencies as a domme. I just looked at her session with Sophia Bella and it does seem that she takes it a bit easy on La Bella Sophia. Perhaps Holly should be punished for her indulgence, or perhaps needs a bit of in-service training to reinvigorate her commitment as a domme... Sort of a "break her or take her place" arrangement. Just a bit of motivation for a session....I enjoy Holly in both roles.

28 Jun 2012 ascendantone wrote: Holly is quite beautiful, but is best as a willfull sub. She lacks the proper "sadistic streak" to make for compelling viewing on this site. I welcome the intensity of OGRE!

06/19/2012 - Ariel X - "Ariel Restrained II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 193 Photos - 26 Minutes Video

Now Ariel is down on the floor, her legs are shackled overhead and Holly gets to work on her bare feet. Moving on, Holly then gets up close and personal with Ariel's pussy when she buries a dildo deep in it and plunges away. When she plants the wand on her clit, Ariel moans away and Holly takes it to her working Ariel to another deep, ear splitting orgasm...Next, Ariel is inverted precariously in a "shocking" predicament, where she is challenged to remain still while her pussy is being vibed. If she sways too far, she'll certainly feel the wrath of the electrical device that she balances between...There was an error in rendering the video that created a blank screen for the first 40 seconds of the streaming, FLASH video, we will fix it and reupload it. In the interim, just fast forward for 40 seconds, and the streaming video is fine after that. ShootID: ARI_061112

Members Comments
13 Jul 2012 viking wrote: Absolutely awesome duet from these amazing amazons! Keep mixing it up (SR and MG )

24 Jun 2012 beaubrummel wrote: Would have been much better without that stupid gas mask .

20 Jun 2012 goalie21 wrote: I thought you were doing Mighty Girlz updates on Tuesdays?

20 Jun 2012 Provost wrote: Ariel is as fine a woman as there is! Beautiful, sporting, lively, and life-loving....a joy to watch in sessions and interviews. The inversion with wires was utterly diabolical I might next time adjust the one wire to be exactly level with the nipples, just for fun. Holly is doing so well as a domme that it seems about time we saw her on the receiving end.....just to keep yin and yang (and yen) in balance. She has such lovely pale skin....

06/13/2012 - Ariel X - "Ariel Restrained"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 195 Photos - 20 Minutes Video

This week, Strict Restraint comes storming back with Ariel X and Holly Wood… Ariel's bent and zip-tied as Holly goes to town on her succulent ass with bare handed slaps. What a pair of bodies...Ariel's tough and Holly's got her hands full...Quite literally so when she buries her fingers in that sweet pussy. Ariel's never been shy and today is no exception, and when Holly smashes the wand into place, she begs to cum and lets loose in a guttural fashion. From there, it only gets tighter for Ms. X as she is shackled upright. The crop is Holly's tool of choice as she hammers Ariel's flesh with it. Ariel's hardbody is hard clamped next and Holly gets to work on that lovely, firm figure even further... ShootID: ARI_061112

Members Comments
13 Jul 2012 viking wrote: Sheer delight! An update with 2 EXCEPTIONEL BEAUTIFUL WOMEN and not even a word of praise let alone a comment. Yes we are spoiled. I can watch these divine creatures all day.

05/01/2012 - Summer Brielle - "Long, Hot Summer Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 160 Photos - 25 Minutes Video

And now we find busty Ms. Brielle roped tightly with a vibrator between her legs. Holly greets her first with gentle strokes before she reaches for the violet wand and proceeds to give Summer a good raking over with the device. Summer meanwhile, gasps and moans and Holly breaks out another dildo, force feeding it to her new slave, while Summer literally begs to cum...These are two extremely beautiful women we are watching here. And that proves even more evident when Summer is strapped to the bench ass up. Holly lubes Summer's perfect hole and then slides in from behind to give her a sound fucking. As Summer bellows, things really sizzle as Holly barrels onward... ShootID: SUM_041912

Members Comments
30 May 2012 ag wrote: Great update. Summer is cute with a pretty face. When are you guys going to post more strict restraint updates. It's been almost 4 weeks since you posted anything! Please continue to post updates with Holly as the dom. And bring back Pepper Kester. She is a wonderful, cute damsel.

05 May 2012 provost wrote: Summer is quite pretty but the shoots are bland-too much dildo for my taste, not nearly enough bdsm (especially knowing what Holly is capable of on both ends of the whip!). Perhaps these were Summer's limits and these shoots enter the archive for what they are, but as a style they are trending too near vanilla for my nickel. Let's see those elegant curves tremble under the last, those breasts pressed, thighs astride the horse, pale soles reddened by the cane, ass striped judiciously with a cane...you get the idea. Couple other things: please invite Kristine Kahill for a session--she's stunning!--and please also give Ogre's guest next week a very thorough examination: she's a strong and stunning woman, so be sure to test her from soles on up!

04/24/2012 - Summer Brielle - "Long, Hot Summer"
Preview this Update --> 3 Scenes - 177 Photos - 23 Minutes Video

Summer...in the Valley it's one hot series of events. This year we welcome in the yearly broil-fest with Ms. Brielle, she symbolizes Southern California in every way...the long blonde hair, the impeccable tits, the smooth, tan flesh...Holly's chained her to the bars, the dildo firmly planted in her mouth squelches her screams. Summer's never been this hot before...The whip works it's way across her back, this is an unfamiliar sensation to Summer I would guess. I would imagine she gets her way on the outside with those looks. Today however, she belongs to us, the game has changed...Her massive tits take their turn with the whip next before Holly brandishes the wand. Without the dildo inserted in her mouth, Summer's shrieks fill the air. The vibe on that tight, perfectly manicured pussy is almost too much to bear...Next, Summer disappoints when she takes the strap-on in her mouth. Holly then puts her through her paces as Summer must practice her cock sucking proficiency on a series of dildos. Eager to please, Summer laboriously crawls around the room, gobbling rubber to appease her Mistress... ShootID: SUM_041912

Members Comments
15 May 2012 provost wrote: Some story seeds (without a working forum I'll post them here for your consideration): 1. She is a photographer in the Middle East, he is director of intelligence. She took the wrong photo in the wrong place and now, regrettably, he must question a woman he knows professionally. 2. She is a reporter, writing about BDSM, he is a noted practitioner. She asks for some personal experience to lend credibility to her story. 3. She is writing an historical adventure, he is an eminent medievalist. She seeks to acquire a feel for the principal tortures of the times. 4. She is a domme who went too abusively far with a client and agrees to be punished rather than sued. He is the client, but has hired a professional to exact his revenge. She knows she will suffer greatly but without harm on the very instruments she used on the client. 5. She is in training to become a foreign agent, about to undergo the "aggressive interrogation" that is her final exam. He is her examiner, and also her lover. If he cannot administer the exam thoroughly and convincingly--it's recorded--someone else will be called in to do so. 6. She is an archaeologist who disturbed an ancient and sacred site, he is the minister of culture who offers her the choice between 10 years in ratty prison and the traditional punishment inflicted upon unbelievers who desecrate. She chooses the latter.... Enjoy! P

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