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12/04/2012 - Dani Daniels, Sinn Sage - "Short Title"
Preview this Update --> 1 Scenes - 56 Photos - 13 Minutes Video

What a sweet little toy Sage has here, and she's still taking full advantage of their time together as she clamps Dani's perfect nipples. And then, after she teases her puppet a bit with her ass, Sinn begins to pull the strings again as she buries a dildo deep in Dani's cunt. Titillating Dani has now become a fine art to Ms. Sage, and she presses the vibe on Dani's clit toying with her mercilessly as she pushes her through her orgasmic paces... ShootID: DAN_102212

Members Comments
13 Apr 2015 Rush2499 wrote: I've only recently discovered this wonder that is Dani Daniels--what a knockout! She is as close to the proverbial "perfect" woman (physically speaking) as I've ever seen. Adorable face, my favorite brunette hair, great muscle and skin tone, just-right breasts--she's got it all, in my book! I'll definitely be looking for more of her.

23 Dec 2012 horney wrote: Any chance to see Sinn naked. Fantastic ass, tits and apussy I would bite and pray for lockjaw.

11/20/2012 - Dani Daniels, Sinn Sage - "Short Title"
Preview this Update --> 1 Scenes - 35 Photos - 13 Minutes Video

Our little puppet is now all bound and spread out on her back. The perfect situation for Sinn's manipulation, and manipulate she does as she takes a crop to Dani's flesh, causing her to squeal. That strap-on that Sinn is wearing will come into play shortly...just as soon as she's finished working of her little toy a bit more...When Sinn grabs hold, she hammers it deep, and Dani grunts as she gets a good, rough fucking. Pleasure however, is not exclusive to Dani, and Sinn straddles her puppet's face. Dani obediently laps away and Sinn cums all over her face... ShootID: DAN_102212

10/25/2012 - Dani Daniels, Sinn Sage - "Short Title"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 54 Photos - 12 Minutes Video

Sinn's got a nice little puppet today, a fine little toy in the form of Dani Daniels. Dani's a horny little one, a stunningly beautiful damsel and Sinn's ready to have her way...She longingly gropes Dani's body with soothing strokes before forcefully cutting them away revealing Dani's amazing body. She has a taste, and as much as Dani wants to resist, she cannot avoid submission. Sensuously, they kiss and this little, restrained puppet is now primed and ready as Sinn buries a vibrator deep in her pussy... ShootID: DAN_102212

Members Comments
29 Oct 2012 Jeremy wrote: This is exactly what I needed to get me focused at work! Beautiful women. Very nice!

09/19/2012 - AnnikaAlbrite - "Short Title"
Preview this Update --> 1 Scenes - 50 Photos - 11 Minutes Video

One of the most popular Damsels to hit DungeonCorp recently is Anikka Albrite, and for good reason. She's a gorgeous blonde who just naturally belongs in a tight predicament. Speaking of tight predicaments, Anikka finds herself bent and restrained while we let a machine plow away at her pussy. We up the ante by clamping her tight nipples and applying TENS pads to her ass and watching her twitch. Then we take her over the edge when Bane presses a vibe against her clit forcing her to cum furiously. ShootID: ANI_091212

Members Comments
22 Sep 2012 bitchslap wrote: Anikka is an amazingly sexy girl, no doubt, and this bondage device is just terrific! I love those from-behind shoots of her bubble butt put so nicely in place :) Also, kudos for using the ET box, though I'd still like to ask if it would be possible to do some closer shots of that too in the future so we see how much you really cranked it up :)

09/12/2012 - Aleksa Nicole - "Short Title"
Preview this Update --> 1 Scenes - 79 Photos - 13 Minutes Video

Having lost all control, Aleksa is now putty in our hands. Strapped to the pole, the vibrator planted firmly between her legs, she moans uncontrollably as we push her towards a further state of submission. Her sensitive nipples beg to be punished and we clamp them tightly before tying them off. Her moans increase in volume as the situation intensifies. And then we place her generous breasts in a vise-like grip as we push her towards a tremendous orgasm... ShootID: ALE_082912

09/05/2012 - Aleksa Nicole - "Short Title"
Preview this Update --> 1 Scenes - 82 Photos - 11 Minutes Video

This week we bring to you the infamous and lovely Aleksa Nicole. Aleksa finds herself strictly restrained atop the Sybian, shackled and cuffed as she drools and that's before we've even cranked up the machine...Once the machine starts to bellow, we press her even further by attaching TENS pads to her lovely pelvis. Dialing up the juice, Bane gets her twitching. And Aleksa starts screaming when the milking machine tubes are affixed to her beautiful nipples. A beautiful damsel relinquishes all control as we manipulate her... ShootID: ALE_082912

Members Comments
09 Sep 2012 Mercury wrote: WOW, Ogre, I do feel bad for your position from time to time. These jerks really think you make porn from their own personal list of kinks, dont they? I love to see women put into situations and sensations and I am GLAD you used the nipple suction because of the way she reacted when they were applied. So, I have to disagree with Beau! Do what you do Ogre! That's why I've been a member since 2007 :)

08 Sep 2012 Beaubrummel wrote: It was very good until you put on those stupid milking machine tubes ; they look ridiculous ; that ruined the second have of the clip.

06 Sep 2012 goalie21 wrote: Devious... I like it!

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