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02/28/2013 - Nikki Seven, Belle Noire - "Short Title"
Preview this Update --> 1 Scenes - 68 Photos - 14 Minutes Video

Belle continues to enjoy her power over blonde Nikki Seven...nipple clamps and a spanking prelude the orgasmic climax... ShootID: NIK_020513

02/18/2013 - Nikki Seven, Belle Noire - "Short Title"
Preview this Update --> 1 Scenes - 111 Photos - 17 Minutes Video

Nikki finds herself spread and restrained quite tightly in the chair, despite that however, she seems intent to find freedom. Those hopes are dashed however as Belle enters and begins peppering her feet with the riding crop, and then she moves onto other areas of Nikki's tender flesh. After clamping Nikki's per nipples, Belle decides to have a taste of her pussy while she fingers it wildly, causing Nikki yo moan in her restraints. With her slave's pussy nice and moist, Belle then brandishes the suction device and pumps Nikki's pussy up nice and plump to her satisfaction. Then, the wand is unleashed upon her cunt and Nikki has her pussy teased as she begs to cum. The countdown is started and Nikki is finally allowed to cum, and cum she does in spectacular fashion... ShootID: NIK_020513

Members Comments
06 Apr 2013 Geoff wrote: PS! Just want to say sorry after watching your possible explanation about 'updates' which I posted within your Zareena Summers offering. You mention that your having problems keeping up with your updates, so hopefully the second part may suddenly arrive. Hope! Because I have my very own manufactured bottle of wine that I'd like to release while watching it. Please keep up the good work my friends. Here's wishing!

02/12/2013 - Zareena Summers - "Short Title"
Preview this Update --> 1 Scenes - 111 Photos - 21 Minutes Video

Zareena seems a bit timid. Rightly so I would imagine, as Ogre hovers over her...first collaring her then having a bit of a grope. He commands her to undress, and Zareena nervously complies. Her wrists are bound tightly, then stretched overhead and then the gag in her mouth adds the finishing touch. Out comes the whip and Ogre maneuvers it through the air, reddening her flesh. Nipple clamps are next, and by now, Zareena probably has a good indication of how this shall all go down. She is then spread, the perfect position to bury a dildo in her pussy and Ogre works her cunt before smashing the vibe on her clit. Zareena's day ends as her body tenses while succumbing. Her mistake however, was not obeying her Master completely, so we can only imagine what may come... ShootID: ZAR_012213

Members Comments
06 Apr 2013 Geoff wrote: PLEASE! Zareena is a beauty. But the video only seems to be half completed? How frustrating not knowing what her punishment was? Her shy and honest outlook is the biggest turn on ever, so please could we have Zareena back again, but the other parts also please!

02/05/2013 - Kymberly Jane, Cherie Deville - "Short Title"
Preview this Update --> 1 Scenes - 37 Photos - 12 Minutes Video

These two buxom babes are in quite the tight spot as Ogre has them stocked atop each other with Cherie's nipples tied off to Kymberly's toes while Kymberly's nipples are soundly tied of to Cherie's fingers. As they wail, Ogre reminds them that it's only just begun and then he lubes up the rubber dong and buries it in Cherie's pussy. Kymberly shall not feel neglected either as her cunt is filled with the Samurai which sends jolts of electricity coursing through her snatch. As their shrieks fill the air, they are dependent on one another to hold fast. But Ogre has other dastardly ideas in mind as he breaks out the vibe...and then the whip... ShootID: CHE_010813

Members Comments
09 Feb 2013 Rayan wrote: Two beautiful women. More like this if you please. Thank you

12/28/2012 - Belle Noire - "Short Title"
Preview this Update --> 1 Scenes - 85 Photos - 14 Minutes Video

This week brings us Belle Noire, a raven haired damsel with all the right curves in all the right places and she's found herself in the hands of Ogre. Shackled to the bench, Belle has nowhere to run and her flight instinct must surely be kicking in as Ogre launches a dual flogger assault on her pale, tender body which quickly reddens her flesh. Her yelps fill the Dungeon air careening off the walls, and lucky for us, and possibly unlucky for Ms. Noire is the fact that things have only just begun as she nervously braces for the dildo that shall be stuffed in her cunt. Once Ogre has it jammed into place, he then engages the vibe which sends orgasmic waves through Belle's beautiful body. She then prepares for what may come next as she acknowledges that she is not much more than a helpless little bitch at the mercy of a madman... ShootID: BEL_122612

12/13/2012 - Kymberly Jane - "Short Title"
Preview this Update --> 1 Scenes - 55 Photos - 15 Minutes Video

Buxom Kymberly finds herself restrained tightly to the pallet as Ogre toys with her and cuts away her clothing. Once he sets her flesh free, he then sends shockwaves through it via the TENS pads applied to her hefty breasts. Kymberly's a trooper for sure, but she soon starts wailing when he cranks up the juice and then applies more pads to her inner thighs. And then things really start jumping when he smashes the vibe up against her clit and give her a wax shower. For the proverbial icing on the cake, Ogre then brandishes the whip and gives Kymberly's waxed torso a thorough cleaning before she submits to a jaw-dropping, guttural orgasm... ShootID: KYM_112812

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