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12/13/2011 - Cherie Deville, Holly Wood - "An Introduction to Pain"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 233 Photos - 21 Minutes Video

Cherie isn't exactly cooperating, but Holly shall not be deterred and before she knows it, Cherie finds herself collared and gagged. Her clothing is stripped away revealing her beautiful body, of which Holly is about to partake...Cherie screams when her nipples are clamped, however this will only be the beginning. She's about to learn that her beautful Mistress is hell bent on putting her through the paces...With nipples weighted and pussy lips clamped, Cherie feels the crop against her bare backside. With her introduction to pain now complete, she finds herself restrained to the bench where she is now at the total mercy of Holly...Her muffled whimpers soon turn to shrieks when Holly straps on the dong and buries it to the hilt... ShootID: CHE_120711

Members Comments
05 Feb 2012 Damien wrote: Love Love Love this shoot. Particularly the struggling on the part of Cherie, and especially the intense struggles that come just before penetration. I don't know what it is but it's the struggles that get me going. Maybe I'm a little twisted, but I know what I like. And I'd like to see more like this.

16 Dec 2011 jollyroper wrote: Great job to both performers. I haven't seen Holly in a dom role before, and I must say I liked her style. Interesting outfit by the way. Cherie's reactions are entertaining, I'm glad she came back to your site for more fun. Thanks again!

15 Dec 2011 pagan wrote: I'm really enjoying the girl-girl shoots, and thanks for getting Cherie back so soon. Very hot. Am also liking the epanded use of collars. Subs should be collared. Am also good with more high heels on the site. Very sexy. Thanks guys - keep up the great work.

14 Dec 2011 provost wrote: Shoes on for the whole shoot is pretty disrespectful of guys who like to see a woman's soles somewhere in the session...plus, it looks quite odd. Would you strip a woman except for her bra? And was there not a minute during the whole shoot to bare those soles? How about a return engagement, but let's treat Holly's soles to a few strokes alongside Cherie's? And would you also please ask the photographer to take a couple of close-up headshot/portraits? The eyes are the window to the soul, and all that. Joy of the season to all!

12/06/2011 - Melissa Jacobs, Sinn Sage - "Short Title"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 170 Photos - 25 Minutes Video

Melissa remains quite defiant even after being worked over quite well by Sinn...she struggles around to break free with no give from the ropes...Sinn enters and removes the gag from Melissa's mouth...she shoves in four fingers as she explains what Melissa is going to do...Sinn expects oral pleasure and Melissa abides...after Sinn uses Melissa's face to cum and turns around to bury Melissa's lovely face deep into her perfect ass, she uses a vibrator on Melissa's tender clit until she is cumming and kicking...in the final scene Melissa is bent over and gagged...Sinn enters with a strap on...she fucks wildly...and she continues to fuck...Melissa screams as she cums through the hard pounding and Sinn is smiling and doing her best to hold on...you just can't go wrong with two beautiful and kinky women...enjoy!...Ogre.. ShootID: MEL_112111

Members Comments
22 Dec 2012 horney wrote: Yhe more times I get to see Sinn naked the better. Great ass and tits

06 Nov 2012 2x5letsgo wrote: Absolutely LOVED this, one of Sinn's BEST domme scenes!

28 May 2012 knucks1947 wrote: This shoot is scorching hot! I really enjoyed the way Sinn treated Melissa as her personal toy. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing women being dominated by other women. This was great!

09 Dec 2011 Megaman67 wrote: These two are great together! More of them as a duo! One of the best girl-girl teams ever!

08 Dec 2011 Anonymous wrote: I disagree! One of the best shoots you guys have done. Period. Here's hopin' turn-about's fair play.

08 Dec 2011 Fokusnik wrote: Once again, I'm sorry, but Sinn just doesn't do it for me as a so-called "top". Melissa is unquestionably one of my favourites, and much as I love to see a girl being topped by another girl, I hope that this is the last segment in this "series". I think that, unfortunately, you CAN go wrong with two beautiful and kinky women.

11/29/2011 - Melissa Jacobs, Sinn Sage - "The Sultry LezDomme"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 192 Photos - 22 Minutes Video

When we met Sinn Sage we were impressed with her passion for BDSM...She endured the bottom of some very tough and sincere scenes and after getting to know her a bit more, we find that Sinn is a natural switch player...She very much enjoys being a Domme and one of her other passions is women...When we offered her the chance to Domme Melissa Jacobs, Sinn was all too happy to oblige...the former Penthouse model has become somewhat of a bondage veteran after many shoots here at DungeonCorp and she felt she was ready to take on a bit more BDSM interaction than past shoots...Melissa is cuffed and left in s standing spread to wait for Sinn...she enters with a posture collar and gag...the defiance in Melissa drains away into anxious submission as Sinn takes control...she uses her hands to caress, spank and slap Melissa's entire bound body...Sinn is confident, controlling and sadistic but she pulls it off very gracefully...Melissa is then roped down to our spread bench...Sinn sucks and chews on Melissa's pussy...nipple clamps and a crop...then, Sinn straddles her bound slave and gets herself off by rubbing her pussy against Melissa's...I really like her style...Ogre... ShootID: MEL_112111

Members Comments
26 Jan 2012 NXT wrote: I agree ogre, while this post is late I really like her style as well she seems to play with Melissa rather than just please her. Melissa's performance was outstanding too it looked like she really was trying to test the restraints for flaws, puts more realism to it awesome update

05 Dec 2011 MG wrote: great update

03 Dec 2011 provost wrote: While not a fan f fem dom nor lez action, this performance has possibilities. MJ is a practically perfect sub: with a responsive and well-tended body, lovely and expressive face, exquisitely well-tended flesh from crown to sole. Sinn gives the dom role a god shot, but I agree that she is self-indulgent and needs more training on both sides of the whip. I'd be delighted to teach both young ladies the finer points of foot torture. BTW, I like the mix of shoes and stockings on and off--keeps 'em clean, soft, and sensitive.

01 Dec 2011 Fokusnik wrote: Sorry, but I have to disagree. Much as Melissa is unquestionably one of my favourite models, I found Sinn's performance to be rather self-indulgent and kind of pointless. Given the myriad possibilities of the two positions presented this time, I would have to say that this overall shoot was pretty boring, in my humble opinion.

30 Nov 2011 Megaman67 wrote: Really like this combo...Sinn is so hot! More please!

11/22/2011 - Ash Hollywood, Sophia Jade - "Dueling Dommes Pt II"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 167 Photos - 32 Minutes Video

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and now Ash turns the tables...Sophia is restrained tightly to the steel table and Ash takes her time pawing and tugging at her naked body. She works the riding crop over her subject before applying a zipper. Sophia squeals when it is yanked off... Time for the G5 next, and Ash presses it down with purpose as Sophia can do nothing but take what she is given...Now the ultimate in payback begins when Ash straps on the dong and buries it Sophia's face and pussy...After a good whip and paddle session, Sophia finds hersef on the business end of the rubber dick... ShootID: ASH_111111

Members Comments
16 Dec 2011 da boss wrote: Wow Ash Hollywood is one of the hottest new porn stars around. I would love to see Isis strap her to show her how to really fuck like a bulldyke man!

01 Dec 2011 alex wrote: that good use of a collar got me back as a member - wonderfull - nice and tight...

24 Nov 2011 knucks1947 wrote: Ash and Sophia are beautiful! Ogre,you sure know how to pick them. Great shoot!

11/15/2011 - Ash Hollywood, Sophia Jade - "Dueling Dommes"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 188 Photos - 22 Minutes Video

We've had an influx of new faces at DungeonCorp lately, we're always on the prowl for fresh meat...This week our search led us for new potential Dommes, we enjoy a sadistic female...or two. The duel begins with Ash restrained to the table, Sophia shows great potential as she works the lovely blonde's torso over with the whip. She shows a pure sadistic streak...she might just be a natural. She then shows us her perverse side as she straddles Ms. Hollywood's face and buries a wand in her submissive's pussy...Next, Ash is bent and bound as she finds a strap-on in her mouth, Ash proves her mettle as she takes it deep...Taking it deep is the ongoing theme here as Sophia mounts her from behind and fucks the daylights out of her. Ash clutches tightly to her binds as she is plowed thoroughly...The violet wand is then employed and Ash receives a "shocking" finale to her Strict Restraint debut...Stay tuned until next week, when the tables are turned in Round 2... ShootID: ASH_111111

Members Comments
16 Dec 2011 da boss wrote: I love to see whores who get dommed like Ash...nasty little slut needs to take a strap on from Isis love to see what it is really like to get fucked

11/08/2011 - Athena Angel - "Bound Busty Angel"
Preview this Update --> 2 Scenes - 161 Photos - 21 Minutes Video

Damon keeps Athena rigged off the ground as he continues to explore the joys of her predicament...he decides to focus on something that I noticed too...Athena always begins to beg as she cums...she tosses her head from side to side at times...she enjoys the struggle and she enjoys being made to enjoy it...after working her with the wand and dildo, he spreads her atop a sybian...this is where he gets her and he keeps her there...cumming...Athena resists but never calls red...she is a tough cookie to crack...but once cracked, she oozes...a fantastic series of scenes....Ogre... ShootID: ATH_102711

Members Comments
13 Feb 2012 spoton5 wrote: THIS is what I joined for. Hate to go to work.

10 Nov 2011 Rodgers wrote: This one could use lots of training and I would watch every second. She is awesome.

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