Tia Ling

01/27/2009 - Tia Ling 5 Scenes - 227 Photos - 63 Minutes Video
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. This week's video clips can be found on top of galleries 1,2,3,4 & 5. Tia is the curious type who loves rough sex. Today however, would be a test for Tia, a test in just how well she takes direction... Big Bad orders Tia out of her clothes and she complies obediently before she hops up on the exam table and readies herself for the examination. Her Master prods and probes her pussy and Tia nears quickly gets close to her first orgasm. Before she can cum however, Big Bad restrains her tightly and gets underway. In her tight positions of confinement, Tia is at the whim of her Master as he inspects her thoroughly and puts her through her paces while working her into a multitude of mega-orgasms.

Members Comments
08 Mar 2009 StudMuffin wrote: This Bondage Slut is Hot as Hell!!! Use her again!! Beautiful & GREAT Rack!!!!!!

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