Skyler Blake

03/24/2009 - Skyler Blake 5 Scenes - 466 Photos - 61 Minutes Video
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. This week's video clips are located on top of galleries 2,3,4,5 & 6...This week I called a friend of mine to come in and guest Dom. Skyler needed a little something different, and she thought she was getting off easy. Little did she know that Mason is one of the most twisted people I know. He starts her off with some simple training and because of her lack of enthusiasm, he gives her plenty of reasons why she should have acted properly in the beginning. In a surprise appearance from Ogre, Skyler is pushed to her breaking point and then Mason comes in to finish her off....The Pope

Members Comments
05 May 2010 bellylicker69 wrote: Another great shoot with Skyler! I get so excited by her, even when hardly anything has happened yet! ;)

27 Mar 2009 provost2 wrote: Superb shoot! Utterly superb! Skylar is gorgeous and a real trouper to endure the ordeal dealt her. No surprise that I particularly enjoyed the attentions given her tender soles--rubber bands followed by the bastinado! I imagine she stayed off her feet for a while.... A couple of suggestions: something even pointier than the cane tends to elicit the greatest response when probing the sole. Try a toothpick (though another dom has used the tip of a knife). Done artfully the woman will squirm uncontrollably. And try rubber bands around the breast and snapped on the underside: very sharp pain, so be sure she's up for it and proceed carefully. Of course, it's all much more bearable if she is aroused....

26 Mar 2009 QTkilla wrote: It seemed like Big Bad had returned as Skiiny Bad after a short and wildy successful venture with Jenny Craig for men. Nice shoot by the way.

24 Mar 2009 alphaco wrote: I do wish Skyler had chosen to keep her hair long. Very sexy woman.

05/13/2008 - Skyler Blake 5 Scenes - 205 Photos - 62 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Skyler is abruptly wheeled in by Big Bad on the rolling rack and then receives an immediate and painful flogging across her torso and pussy. Her filthy mouth is stuffed with a rubber dong while she proclaims her whorishness and the bitter flogging resumes. Her swollen pussy is fingered and the magic wand is then pressed against her bulbous clit and Skyler gives in and cums... Restrained upon the triangle Skyler thanks her Master as her mouth is gagged and then her face is wrapped in plastic. Her face contorts as she is one again flogged by Big Bad. Beneath the triangle the CUmbot begins to pump her pussy as the whipping continues and pleasure now mingles with pain. The violet wand snaps and crackles against her pussy as her Master rubs it across her flesh. Then, the vibrator is placed against her pussy once more and Skyler's torso twitches as she cums for her Master. Next, Skyler is stocked and gagged on her backside as the TENS pads are applied to her pelvis. As the power is applied, her muscles begin to spasm involuntarily. Big Bad ties her toes then canes her feet and jams a chrome dildo deep inside her gash. The electricity is cranked up a notch further and Skyler is forced to orgasm again... Restrained on her knees, Skyler is blindfolded before Big Bad jams the pole mounted dong inside her. While her cunt is filled to the brim, The Pope steps in and dual flogs Skyler before she left alone in the Dungeon... Face down on the table, Skyler's pussy is fingered and groped by her Master and then filled and stretched by the giant steel dildo. Then, she is brought to one final orgasm by Big Bad and left on the table... Video clips can be found atop galleries: 1,2,3,4 &5.

Members Comments
08 Mar 2009 StudMuffin wrote: Great Model ... Bad scenes!! Use can make better use of this Hottie!!

09 Jul 2008 Blackthorn wrote: This is one of my first times enjoying Skyler and I was not disappointed! Great body, awsome tats, and you can tell she knows what she\'s doing. I hope to see her in the future - she\'s a true professional.

17 May 2008 Felicks wrote: It\'s good to see Skyler and her velvet skin again. Great Stuff here.

09/18/2007 - Skyler Blake 2 Scenes - 105 Photos - 20 Minutes Video
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The saga continues for Skyler Blake as she is placed flat on her back a wooden table. The Pope has shackled her neck, wrists and ankles to the wood... The Invader's head is primed with Skyler's sopping pussy juice and inserted in her cunt. She is gagged with a dildo to muffle her moans. The Invader is started and works it's way in and out of Skyler's pussy. As the fucking machine picks up steam, The Pope applies a magic wand to her clit. The Pope spatters Skyler's tits and torso with molten hot wax. The combination of conflicting senses, cause Skyler to bite through her gag in orgasm... Still covered in wax, Skyler is made to stand, hands shackled overhead, legs in a spreader bar by The Pope. Ogre and an unknown cronie enter to assist... Skyler has her head and face covered in a stocking and her mouth taped shut as she is groped and fondled and spanked...

Members Comments
05 May 2010 bellylicker69 wrote: Something about Skyler... saw her on Perfect Slave and loved her, love her more here! She just totally turns my crank!

07 Feb 2010 anonymous wrote: Watching her stomach move as the dildo fucks her is amazing. Its a definate turn on and skylar is so hot.

16 Aug 2009 Geoff wrote: REALLY NICE! Tied and helpless as she's handled like a piece of meat. PLEASE BRING US MORE CONTENT LIKE THIS!

27 Oct 2007 sOlOng wrote: nice team groping scene

07/17/2007 - Skyler Blake 3 Scenes - 241 Photos - 35 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7

Skyler is naked as we interview her about her prvious bondage shoots...she was a bondage rookie, but she was a natural slave, and after this shoot, Skyler would prove to be a pro...We lock her wrists and neck into a steel stock...we lift her onto a bar which protrudes from the standing bar and all her weight is on her cunt...we chain up the stocks and use a ratchet to pull her feet down...Sklyer is immobile and helpless the Pope whips her tits, tummy and thighs...he uses a pinwheel to torment her soft skin and he tightens the ratchet, puling her down hard on her cunt before he the next scene we decide to have Skyler straddle another object...this time all her wieght is placed on a Sybian...we insert the dildo and lock her wrists out...her neack is held by a wooden stock and once again, her feet are pulled down to keep her cunt on the powerful vibrating mechanism...the Pope turns it up slowly as he whips her ass...then pegs on her ribs...he leaves Skyler to cum over and over, unable to get away from the Sybian the last scene, Skyler is laid on her back and her feet and wrists are pulled up into a wooden stock...he pussy is well exposed and her mouth is held open by a dental gag...TENS pads are placed on her ass and feet and the Pope plays with the current as the scene progresses...he uses a cane to toy with her...then a steel speculum is inserted and opened inside her cunt...the Pope brings her to orgasm as Skyler writhes...

Members Comments
31 May 2010 cmcfish wrote: Ha ha! Bitch getting her little cunt stretched out and poked with a stick. Great job!

16 Mar 2009 uneekg wrote: I love seeing the paddle stick stuck inside the vagina with the gyno instrument in her. Also we need more foot torment on this site. I know the models can take it.

02 Jan 2008 gg wrote: Wonder how she'll feel about all those tats later?

18 Nov 2007 fokusnik wrote: The last scene, with her legs up like that, was just BEGGING for an anal insertion... just a suggestion.

27 Oct 2007 Ogre wrote: Sure, keep her gagged and youll be fine :)~

06 Oct 2007 Savage Dom wrote: Skyler looks like so much fun. Can I borrow her?

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