Rain Degray

01/05/2010 - Rain Degray - ""Taming of the Blonde Pt. 2""
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. In the conclusion of Rain's day at Strict Restraint, I keep turning up the intensity to the point of impossible. I mind fuck her until she feels that she can't take anything else and then I power through one orgasm after another. I have her terrified of every move that I make, inflict more pain than she thought she could take but, make her beg for more even though she can't take what I've already given her. She screams to her god, and I prove to her that he's not listening...The Pope ShootID: STR_RAI_111809

Members Comments
18 Aug 2010 handles wrote: Rain is one hot Mammaaaaa.

09 Mar 2010 Sexysub wrote: I think The Pope is the best ever dom. He is fit, gorgeous and knows how to punish a slave. IWe would like to see more of the actual tying up process - and se the slaves being pushed into submission. Thank you to The Pope. You're fantastic.

12/15/2009 - Rain Degray 2 Scenes - 131 Photos - 28 Minutes Video
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. Just another day in the dungeon, or so she thinks! Rain knows that I enjoy pushing her as far as I can and today will be the hardest day she has ever experienced. She has to endure some unforgiving restraints along with relentless pain. I assault her body with as much intensity as possible, just to see how much this pain slut can take. She screams, she begs, she pleads, and yet her pussy is dripping, so I continue to prove to her that this will be a day that will stay in her mind forever.....The Pope

05/12/2009 - Rain Degray 5 Scenes - 243 Photos - 66 Minutes Video
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. Video clips for this week's update are located on top of galleries 1,2,3,4 & 5...An early morning shoot for a new DungeonCorp site evolved into an extreme Dungeon session. Rain's a pain slut who enjoys bondage in both her personal and professional life. She loves to cum and loves to be pushed so we decided to put her body and mind to the test... Rain's session was one of extreme intensity, and quite possibly, one of the most intense we have ever done. This fine damsel was pushed far beyond the outer limits of her tolerance. She came hard and begged for more as she was run through her paces all they way until the end as she received a full body wrap on the Dungeon floor...The Pope.

Members Comments
18 May 2009 The Pope wrote: I prefer the cane over rubber bands, but I am not opposed to them. The foot is such a sensitive area, and it seemds to me that a more precise tool does a better job...don't worry, you will see them soon. Thanks everybody for the positive input

17 May 2009 provost2 wrote: Superb! Very dramatic, rigorous work.... When are you guys going to discover and apply rubber bands? Place the band around her bare foot and snap it against the most sensitive parts of her soles: effortless and remarkably effective. Rain was prepared for it, or Catherine DeSade as she rides the horse.

16 May 2009 Amazed wrote: Best post ever! Her reactions are awesome, the post-orgasm sensitivity punishment awesome, and the whole concept of orgasm ramifications paradox (cloths pins scene) of a punishment occuring if she has an orgasm was awesome.

12 May 2009 Vee wrote: Awesome mummification at the end

12 May 2009 name wrote: amazing update, best in a while! reallys sexy, lots of great stuff. And thanks for the little bit of foot torture/tickling.. this site rocks.

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