Mallory Rae Murphy

03/16/2010 - Mallory Rae Murphy - "Starved for Attention, part 2"
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. Mallory's day with Soma will conclude with more humiliation and torment, but definitely not an easy end for her. She made it clear that she needed to feel pain to be able to feel anything, so Soma makes sure this deprived girl leaves feeling more than she ever has before. The end is in sight, but Soma reaches into her bag of tricks and takes Mallory just a little further than she thought she would be taken. Mallory finds that there are some things that are better not absorbed by her senses and I'm sure she will be feeling Soma for quite some time...The Pope ShootID: STR_MAL_021810

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01 May 2010 bellylicker69 wrote: Mallory is hot! Hope to see lots more of her! Soma does a great job playing with Mallory!

18 Mar 2010 Ogre wrote: The photo sets for this update are now live. Thanks

03/02/2010 - Mallory Rae Murphy - "Starved for Attention"
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. Mallory definitely has a story, but not what you're thinking. This slut lost her virginity on camera and only has sex that way. Soma finds this out and uses it to her advantage. She punishes her, but makes sure that she knows that there will not be any fake, porn reactions. Soma starts the day heavy and keeps it that way. Mallory is starved for attention and says she likes BDSM because it let's her feel something, and Soma makes sure she feels everything...The Pope ShootID: STR_MAL_021810

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04 Oct 2011 skulnbone7 wrote: Awesome Tickling in the 3rd scene, Mallory is Really Ticklish and Soma makes for and Evil Tickler!!! But I have to say I was disappointed there wasn't tickling in the 1st secene, I was set up for it perfectly!!!

13 Jul 2011 tickler wrote: Awesome tickling!!! Don't stop the tickling....there should be at least 1 scene of it per shoot

21 Mar 2010 tautology wrote: Agree on the tickling as always - keep it up! Also want to say Mallory is one of your hotter recent models. Not that they aren't all hot, just sayin'

15 Mar 2010 gauthier wrote: beautiful girl! her breasts are perfect!

03 Mar 2010 tdiesel99 wrote: Loved loved loved this update, if you guys ever get rid of these tickling scenes I am out. Soma just has a way of torturing this girls feet it will make you blow your load in .5 seconds; please keep it coming guys!!

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