India Summer

08/17/2010 - India Summer - "She's A Perfect Toy Pt. 2"
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. In the conclusion of India's day, we push the limits of how powerful an orgasm can be. She is one of the most sensual women we have shot and it shows in every second of of the final scenes. Most girls try to get away from the vibe after a few orgasms, but she embraces it and begs for more. She is bent backwards with her arms pulled away from her body and her head held in place by wooden stocks. The G5 is used to exhaust some of her sexual desires, but she just wants more. The last position is very precarious, with only a head stock holding her perched on the cube. The Pope rips one orgasm after another out of her and leaves her there wondering how she got herself into this mess... ShootID: IND_070810

07/13/2010 - India Summer - "She's a Perfect Toy"
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. I've been a huge fan of India ever since we first shot her a few years back...she is a beautiful and warm woman...outrageous eyes, outrageous body, silky hair, sweet voice, educated and intelligent...and freaky...Ive had at least a couple bookings where I have been the scheduled Dom to work with India...and when the day to shoot her comes around, Im always too busy to shoot or Im this case, it was both...So the Pope takes my place...again...We do something a bit different in this first set...most of the time, getting models into the StrictRestraint rigs isn't too easy...but we've been getting a lot of requests to shoot and show that rigging process in the updates...The Pope and DP rig her into the standing stocks like two members of a pit's all business...and as India looks on, she becomes helpless...very helpless...I enjoyed watching her as she got locked into our device...the Pope has worked with India a few times and he has her number...he knows she is multiorgasmic...he pleasures and torments the orgasms out of her body as she begins to shake...India was unable to stand up for a few minutes after that first scene...The next scene finds her laying on her back with her legs belted up in the air...the Pope enjoys his time with her toes and feet...then uses a black cock to fuck her pussy as he keeps the head of the magic wand floating on her clit......Ogre ShootID: IND_070810

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21 May 2012 sergio wrote: I am not able to download video 05/06/2008 - India Summer model

14 Jul 2010 me wrote: great update, sexy chick, awesome foot torture, loved the tickling.. but fire the camera guy. Too many closeups when she was being tortured and you had no idea what action was taking place.

05/06/2008 - India Summer 5 Scenes - 249 Photos - 65 Minutes Video
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On all fours is the position India finds herself in as she struggles in her straps and chains awaiting her punishment... Big Bad immediately takes the flogger to her rear and fingers her cunt. India screams as the flogging resumes then, she begs to have her pussy fucked. Her Master obliges by shoving a dildo in her cunt. With her pussy stuffed the wand is applied to her clit and now, India begs, screams and cums... With his slave chained to the bars, Big Bad begins his sadistic ritual. First, a little hair pulling. Then, the flogger once again is worked around India's slender frame. Her body trembles as it turns a deep shade of red and then her nipples are clamped and tied off. With her mouth gaping and hooked wide open, India's gasps of pained pleasure echo off the walls when her pussy is hooked and she is forced to cum... Wrapped in vinyl, India lays on the table. Her shoes are removed and then her feet are caned by Big Bad before he turns the cane's attentions to her pussy. A pole mounted magic wand is pressed against her pussy and her eyes are taped shut plunging India into darkness. The smell of was fills the air and falls freely on her flesh as she submits to a mind bending orgasm. Now, restrained in straps India is restrained on the Dungeon floor. After her Master feeds her a dildo, her mouth is taped shut and she is flogged on the floor. Big Bad then pushes a large dildo deep in her meaty pussy and India gives way yet again. After she cums convulsively, the wand is strapped to her pussy and she is left to fend for herself... In darkness, India is chained to the pole in the middle of the room. As she struggles and moans for escape, she soon realizes her fate is inevitable as her Master finds her and flogs her mercilessly. Then, India is brought to her knees only to have her hands shackled behind her back. India then heaves and writhes as the vibe is pressed against her and she cums long and deep for her Master. Callously, Big Bad drops the keys to her shackles on the floor beside her and leaves the room...

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23 Feb 2009 tickler wrote: Strange to have a model with such a great body then hide it all in one scene by covering it in vinyl. :-) You could've done that to anyone! lol

15 Dec 2008 Master RIch. wrote: India is extremely beautiful and sexy. I would merry her and punish her any day.

03 Dec 2008 jk wrote: gallery3 is excitement.but why didnot make her legs open wide extremely.

09 Jul 2008 Blackthorn wrote: I really do dig India and have enjoyed her on your other sites. I\'m hoping to see more of her (especially that sexy tummy of hers - nice!). I do love to watch her wiggle for the camera - always a pleasure!

09 May 2008 JTRR wrote: MEAN

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