April O'Neil

02/02/2010 - April O'Neil - ""Innocence Lost Pt. 2""
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. Restrained to the Sybian, April exclaims as Soma pins her nipples. Her Goddess voices her approval as the drool drips from April's mouth. The whip hits her tits and she begs for mercy but, Soma has a different strategy... The Sybian is propelled into gear and April's tits heave. Her body buckles as it is swept by an orgasmic tidal wave. Her screams careen off the Dungeon walls and this is merely a prelude of what is to come... Mentally spent, April realizes her journey shall continue onward as she is locked and stocked tightly in place. Her pussy is stuffed and her body is pushed towards the breaking point... ShootID: STR_APR_010710

Members Comments
04 Oct 2011 skulnbone7 wrote: Not enough Tickling!!!

15 Mar 2010 Toolbox1 wrote: Femdom please. I say mix it up. I love Femdom over Maledom. Give everyone a little of what they want.

03 Mar 2010 Provost wrote: April is stunning and I'd love to see her back, even if limited by femdom. That said, however, please be sure the dom is instructed (trained) to dom a bit more rigorously than she did in this shoot. Those elegant soles, for example, were begging for a few strokes or snaps of the bands, but instead we got ... hot kisses?

04 Feb 2010 featherworker wrote: thank you ladies, good stuff. i like the play with a girl on the sybian. and thank you for the tickling part, very good. please more of tickletorture. 8-)

03 Feb 2010 master18 wrote: A lot of femdom lately? Prefer maledom by far.

01/12/2010 - April O'Neil - ""Innocence Lost Pt. 1""
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. It took some work, but we finally have April O'Neil on Strict Restraint! She only works with women, so I called Goddess Soma for the task at hand. First April is subjected to clamps on her pussy and nipples and then Soma assaults her petite body with heavy handed slaps to make her skin tender. Next April is locked into a doggy position and Soma has her way with this terrified little slave. Electricity is par for the course and April instantly starts to panic. Soma punishes her slave and then enjoys some of her sweet nectar after powering one orgasm after another out of her. You members asked, we listened, now enjoy April suffering for you!...The Pope ShootID: STR_APR_010710

Members Comments
04 Oct 2011 skulnbone7 wrote: Loved the Tickling, April is so Damn Ticklish it's Yummy! Soma should have Tickled her a little more!!! Please let Soma do the Tickling in your "Tied for Tickling" site!

15 Mar 2010 Toolbox1 wrote: More FemDom with April please. More FemDom is OK with me.

08 Feb 2010 lieutenant wrote: Stunning femdom pics. Two beautiful women is always better than one!

26 Jan 2010 provost2 wrote: Superb! Let's have April back for more!! Would love to see her soles tested, thoroughly and systematically, and see her stretched on the rack and riding the horse--a suite of challenging yet stimulating activities for the young beauty. Is there a female dom who'd welcome the opportunity/challenge?

17 Jan 2010 fannumber1 wrote: LOVE April!!

12 Jan 2010 me wrote: LOVED LOVED LOVED the tickling.. more of it in future updates please.

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